Cindy Hoten Gee Gees Bar Cumbria

Ben Sherwen Flat Green Bowls owner Gee Gees Mobile Bar CumbriaCindy and Ben have a passion for seeing people smile and laugh. Cindy has been doing it for the last 10 years through her singing and entertaining. She loves bringing crowds together for fun, laughter and enjoyment, and sings at many festivals and events. 


Ben Sherwen Cindy Hoten Bowls ChampionBen has played flat green lawn bowls since the age of 11, and reached the heights of representing his country on the world stage in Australia. 
They met at one of Cindy’s events in 2012 and the rest as they say is history. But 2 became 3 in November 2017 when Little Ruby made an appearance in to the world! And then 3 became 4 in May 2019, when William Roger joined the family! 


They have now joined forces to create Gee Gee’s Mobile Bar based in Cumbria, and have applied their passion for laughter and enjoyment into a unique and quirky project which reflects their personalities. 
Ben Sherwen Bowls Champion Gee Gees Bar Cumbria croppedGee Gee’s Bar started life as a project to test his carpentry and DIY skills which were passed down to him over the years by his Grandad Bill. After many cold dark wintry nights working outside it soon became apparent that Ben couldn’t bear to part with the finished article. From that day on Gee Gee’s Mobile Bar was born and has grown ever since.